Executive Search

Find A+ talent for your C-suite.

Acara effectively explores and engages with hundreds of passive jobseekers to cultivate a network of C-level candidates and emerging leaders. As your trusted executive search firm, our team of executive recruiters will utilize cutting-edge search technologies to uncover hidden—yet highly qualified—talent. We’ll look high and low to discover the perfect C-suite leader or upper-level executive that will round out your senior management team.

No one is irreplaceable.

Has a member of your leadership team stepped down? No worries. Here’s what we know about their inevitable replacement:

1. They’re passive job seekers, so you probably won’t see them on job boards
2. They want to know for a fact that their new company will be a good match
3. They’ll cost you significant time and resources to seek, source, and hire on your own

Tailor-made. Custom-fit.

Finding the perfect fit goes both ways: you know what you need, and candidates know what they want. Our job is to meet in the middle. With a critical eye for a candidate’s aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit, we navigate our strong referral network to find the best and brightest complement to your executive team. And with methodical, specialized strategies, we’ll deliver C-level talent to your doorstep in almost no time at all.

Let us round out your C-suite.

Acara’s executive recruiters navigate our strong referral network of C-level executives to find the best fit for your executive team. Our methodical, specialized strategies and quick results put us a step above other executive search firms. We look closely at a candidate’s aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit to make sure that they will seamlessly incorporate into your senior management team. Replacing management positions can be a big drain on time and resources, so leave the hard work to our executive staffing recruiters. We’ll deliver the newest addition to your C-suite in almost no time at all.

Dedicated recruiters.

Work with recruiters who connect you with elite-level talent through carefully curated client networks.

Industry experience.

Leverage decades of experience to fill C-suite vacancies in booming sectors or niche industries.

Tailored solutions.

Choose the perfect candidate with a short list of handpicked pros who meet your specific needs.

High-quality hires.

Eliminate errors with expert resources that deliver the most qualified candidates every single time.

Risk mitigation.

Streamline high-quality candidates who meet specifications and exceed expectations without your lifting a finger.

Fast turnaround.

Focus on other needs while we navigate the talent landscape. We'll reduce search times without sacrificing candidate quality.

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